Being an Introvert

Why a blog about being introvert?

I’ve always known I’m an introvert. All my life I’ve been happiest when by myself. Only recently have I started exploring how this impacts my life.

Supposedly 1/3 of the world population is introvert, and the same goes for most other species. That’s 1/3 that think, act and perceive the world differently, a bit like whether you’re a man or woman. It’s not better or worse being an introvert or an extrovert, or man or woman for that matter. It’s simply different strenghts and challenges.

It also means that, just like growing up in a minority, being introvert in a predominantly extrovert society can leave you feeling misunderstood and marginalized.

So here is an atempt at giving insight in to what it’s like living life introverted. I’ll start with an anecdote:

A few weekends ago, I went to Greenwich Market. It can be a bit busy if you’re a reclusive kind of introvert but I’m quite social for an introvert and I like disappearing in the crowd, watching people, finding fun and interesting products, odd figures and patterns etcetera.

After a while I wanted lunch – I found a little cafe on a side street and ordered my lunch at the counter. There was only one other couple there apart from me but I had seen a sign that they had upstairs seating and so asked if there was.

“Yes, but you might be a bit lonely there,” the cashier observed jokingly.

“Mm, I might like that,” I joked back and then went up the stairs to sit by myself in a parlour-size room.

Introverts will recognize this behaviour and understand it. Extroverts might find it a bit bonkers. But this is what we like –  a quiet corner to ourselves. I was very comfortable watching the street below, eating my lunch in silence and observing the room. I could let thoughts and reflections from the day come and go. That’s how I recharge my batteries.

By the time the room started to fill up with other customers, I was ready to go on – with renewed energy.




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