To See Your Friends or to Not See Your Friends

Today’s topic is a tricky one. Perhaps I will get myself into trouble writing this but here we go.

Everyone needs to spend time alone. For extroverts I imagine it can be a challenge since they tend to thrive on interactions. For introverts it’s a necessity and the more of an introvert you are the more alone-time you need to recharge your batteries.

Introverts are not hermits because of this. I love meeting up with friends for a coffee or going out for dinner. Outdoor markets and festivals are great for lazy days in the sun together with friends.

I must confess though that I prefer a smaller circle and a calmer environment where you can have proper conversations. A large party or going to a club with loud blip-iti-blop music can be draining and that has not come from growing older.

Just as much as I enjoy seeing friends, I love going for a walk in the park, to the movies or reading a book in a coffee place ALL BY MYSELF. I have had many coffee dates with my books in half empty cafés and had a really nice time.

Finding that balans can be tricky. I often forget to ask friends if they want to come to the park, or the movies, or to see an exhibition, even to do things that I prefer to do together with friends, such as a live concert.

And this is where it gets really tricky. Even spending time with a few close friends in the right setting can leave me drained. It can be like going on an intense holiday. You come back happy with so many impressions and ideas but also feeling that you need a holiday to recover from your holiday.

In the end only you know how much time you need by yourself. If you’re an extrovert, don’t forget to spend time alone. It’s good to find out who you are when no one else is around.


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