How do you spot a introvert?

How DO you spot an introvert? Chances are that you don’t. Most of us learn early on to blend in with the crowd and therefore, it might not be obvious who is an introvert and who is an extrovert. It’s not clear cut either, as it moves on a spectrum where most of us are probably near the middle, not one of the extremes.

For instance, I would describe myself as an social introvert. Although I was very quiet as a child (didn’t always respond when spoken to), I can come across as talkative. Most people probably don’t notice that I rarely start a conversation, I only become chatty if you start talking to me. You will find me at a corner table at the pub with a few friends or alone but never centre stage. I can be very engaging and opinionated when talking to you one-on-one but if you’re trying to get to know me don’t do so in a large group where I’m likely to be unfocused and quiet. The more ad-hock stuff you throw at me the more stressed I’ll become.

Perceptions can be deceiving. Even if the nuances of introverted and extroverted people can be fine, there is one clear difference. We all need alone time but introverts need more time alone to recharge our batteries. To navigate an extroverted world can be draining to our souls. We also have different needs when going about our days. Your boss putting more pressure on you thinking it will make you perform better, when actually achieving the opposite; the radio playing at the office, although pleasant, is tiring the mind; when being asked to talk on the phone all day, it makes you avoid talking to anyone once you leave the office.

Some days feel like a battle to keep my sanity, or to step thru a minefield to stay in balance. I do wonder if extroverts perceive their days the same?


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